Induction Loops

There are two types of system for people who have hearing difficulties – the induction loop system and the infrared system.

  • An induction loop system consists of a sound source (microphone and/or Sound system), a special loop amplifier and a wire that goes around a room. A magnetic field is created within the loop and the signal is picked up by the coil inside a hearing aid when it’s switched to the ‘T’ setting.
  • An infrared system consists of a sound source, infrared transmitters – fixed to a wall or ceiling and receivers – worn by users. The system transmits sound as invisible infrared light to the wearable receivers. We don’t tend to offer these systems largely due to cost and the need for additional listening devices for the users.

More information about induction loops and hearing aids can be found on the Action on Hearing Loss (formerly – Royal National Institute for the Deaf - RNID) website.

Induction loop systems are installed by Crystal Clear Audio either as part of a Sound system installation or as a separate project. The installation is made as discreet as possible by running cable under the floor, carpet or around the outside walls.

Induction loop systems (amplifiers, cabling and associated labour) supplied to a charitable institution qualify for zero-rated VAT.