St Mary-at-Finchley


Design and install a distributed Sound system for speech in a demanding building. An easy to operate solution was needed with the equipment housed in a metal cabinet at the back of the church. Some of the existing components were included in the new system.


  • Tannoy VX series loudspeakers for the nave powered by a QSC GX amplifier
  • Shure SLX radio microphones and aerial distribution
  • Apart digital mixer – AudioControl 12.8


Our experience with buying a new sound system from Crystal Clear Audio is good. We had used them previously to nurse our elderly and failing system and we found them helpful and responsive. It was for this reason that we asked them to quote for installing a modern replacement system. Sadly, we found our funds could not stretch to meet our ambitions, but Crystal Clear agreed to help us build a system to fit our budget where other firms might well have walked away. They were very flexible in their approach, using some components from our old system, some second-hand equipment and the best new components they could find for the money available. Inevitably, there were teething problems with this approach, but Crystal Clear persisted and worked with us to achieve the stable and effective system we have now. We know that they have installed sophisticated systems for customers with far more resources than we have. However, we found them just as willing to deal with the practical challenges arising from our limited budget and slow decision-making.

Ewen Fletcher – Audio System Administrator
St Mary-at-Finchley Church. North London